Friday, October 28, 2011

Kendama, and Red Ribbon Week: 2 Worthy Distractions!

What kind of toy is so simple, yet commands the attention and engages middle school boys? I'll give a few hints: It is made of wood, and has one string attached to a ball. It is the modern version of the paddle ball with a few modifications. Kendama is sweeping SMS by storm. Look left and students are engaged, look right and the students are engaged. It is so addicting that I went and purchased one and enjoy the challenge it presents.
Kendama is a Japanese ball and cup toy, check out it out for more of the History of this toy!
I don't mind this toy in the class room. It focuses the student's mind into a concentration that benefits Math class. The hand eye coordination enables the student to move, and movement in a middle school classroom is a necessity.

Red Ribbon Week is an important week in schools across the nation. It is an opportunity to talk about the effects of Drug, Alcohol, and Prescription Drug abuse. During this week we try to take the kids out into the community to experience things that can provide a natural high. Our students shoot clay pigeons, bowl, ropes course, rock climbing, swimming, team sports, and photography. It is a great chance for students to interact outside of the classroom walls. As an teacher it is nice to see another side of the students. It opens up relationships and dialogue outside of school, which can go a long way inside the classroom.

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